The Back Garden (Update)

Posted September 8, 2007 by Chris Oldroyd
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Just an update on the back garden. I have hired a wood chipper and the huge pile of trees that I cut down a few weeks back are going to be chipped down and eventually become the floor of Tia’s playground.

I have a full day tomorrow to feed them through the machine before I have to give it back on Monday.


The Front Garden

Posted September 8, 2007 by Chris Oldroyd
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 The front garden is starting to take shape nicely. The patio area is now complete and all that is left to do is the small turfed area in front. We decided to completely remove the apple tree that was growing up the front of the house to avoid damp problems, it looks a bit bare at the moment but we will get used to it I am sure.

img_1105.jpg  img_1109.jpg

The Back Garden

Posted August 27, 2007 by Chris Oldroyd
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This weekend seemed like a good time to cut into the back garden area. At the start it was full of bushes and trees, very dark and totally enclosed. I borrowed a chainsaw from my neighbour (Mick) and set about cutting down the trees on Saturday. The following day i was joined by Andy and my Dad who both helped out with the rest of the trees, Sharon and Mam looked after us with a great lunch.



So far so good

Posted August 19, 2007 by Chris Oldroyd
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The central heating has been installed this week, well the water side any way. The radiators are now hung on the wall, all the flow and return pipework is complete and the new hot water cylinder is in place and piped up. With the system we are installing my kitchen is now beginning to resemble a ships engine room.


The Central Heating System

Posted August 9, 2007 by Chris Oldroyd
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The central heating has caused alot of problems for us, living here we have no access to domestic gas so a traditional combi boiler is out of the question, the only alternatives appeared to be oil fired and bottled LPG gas.

Both of these systems are very expensive to run and inefficient. Working in the air conditioning trade i was aware of another system recently introduced to the market which comprises of an air to water heat pump system which has efficiencies well in access  of normal systems. Basically in perfect ambient conditions you can expect 1kw of power input to produce in excess of 4kw of heating. As we all need to be “green” this was the system we decided to go for. The outdoor and indoor parts of the system are now in place and the refrigerant circuit has been piped up, delivery of the hot water cylinder is due this week along with the new radiators, the plumber is scheduled to start the water side next week, then we will have some heat.

The Fireplace is Finished

Posted August 4, 2007 by Chris Oldroyd
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Well its finished and what a fantastic result, i have included before and after pictures so you can see the massive difference this has made, we now have a log burner which pumps out the heat where before we had a bloody awful fire place.


Its hard to believe that this is the same fireplace, next job is the central heating, an air to water heat pump, now this should be interesting.

What a difference a week makes

Posted July 27, 2007 by Chris Oldroyd
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The fireplace is now starting to take shape, the stonework has been cleaned up, back to its former glory with a needle gun which gently chips away a layer of stone to reveal the beautiful natural sandstone underneath all the layers of wallpaper and paint. The stonework walls have also been needle gunned and repointed to leave them looking as good as new.

The new hearth is going in now and is made of azure blue granite stone, the new log burner has arrived and it should all be complete ready for the first test by Wednesday next week.