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My early thoughts on the Apple Watch as a fitness tracking tool

October 14, 2015

Thoughts so far on my Apple Watch, beautiful rich interactive notifications, lovely hardware and nice overall feel to the whole package.

Negatives are the fitness side of things, it’s just plain confusing like how you meet your fitness goals, what those goals are or what counts as what.

The separate workout app is really limited and totally inaccurate with either the inbuilt heart rate sensor or a separate Polar H7 strap on heart rate monitor. To compare I did two identical workouts tonight, one using the Apple Watch and one using my Polar M400 watch which is renowned for its accuracy. The results were really disappointing.

Apple Watch calories burnt 81
Apple Watch average Heart Rate 109bpm

Polar Watch calories burnt 221
Apple Watch average Heart Rate 134bpm

So Apple watch shows roughly a third of the Polar calories burnt, what’s up with that?



The Living Room

December 13, 2007

Well its finished at last, we have stripped off the old wallpaper, put in a new damp course, ripped out the old fireplace, added in new sockets, completely replastered the walls, opened up the stairs, decorated through out and finally fitted a solid oak wood floor. The difference is amazing, we now have a room that’s a beautiful place to relax and spend time as a family, its been 8 months of hard work and dust but this makes it all worthwhile for us, now we can enjoy Christmas.


The best room in the house is finished!!!

December 2, 2007

We have just finished the spare room, and I am well happy how its turned out:-

I have my Windows Vista Media Center PC, Xbox 360, Sky + with 80 gig hard drive all connected up to a brand new 32″ HD TV, its awesome, the 32″ display is an amazing monitor for the PC and you can surf the net from the sofa.


It’s Time for a Rant

November 18, 2007

I am bloody sick of joiners and dogs.

Had the joiner booked in for this weekend to fit my wood floor which is stacked up in the living room, rang him constantly since last Tuesday to confirm he will still be coming and left message after message and not one reply. Why are these people so bloody ignorant, if he decided he didn’t want the job at least have the balls to say so, pathetic, makes me sick!!!!

Dogs, well she’s been no bother recently walking to heal on the lead, all good stuff, but today I leave her in the house for 2 minutes and come back in to find she’s found a cable in my freshly plastered and decorated wall and decided it shouldn’t be in there so She’s pulled it out, great now all the new plaster has cracked off and i have a channel right up my wall, the dog has a very sore arse now and she won’t come out of her basket, Jesus what a weekend.


September 30, 2007

The plasterer has finished, its taken him 5 days to completely plaster the living room, stairs and landing and he has made a good job of it. The difference is massive, we now have smooth walls without holes and channels and the rooms are starting to come together. We got some paint samples on Sunday and have decided on the colours for the room. We also chose the wood floor and will get that on order soon, at last its all coming together. The decorating is due to start in November.


The Front Garden’s Finished

September 30, 2007

We now have an amazing front garden. Mick has made a fantastic job of the patio and grass. We shopped around for a nice table and chairs and ended up buying it online, it was delivered last week and looks great, we are really happy with the way the garden has turned out, thanks Mick for all your hard work.

We had our first Barbeque and invited Mick and Kim from Crag House, they brought their two daughters and Tia invited her school friend Chloe, it was a good night but got very cold later on but we were determined to go ahead with it.


Wood Chipping

September 9, 2007

Bloody Hell!!!!!

Now that was hard work, I started at 9am and have just finished at 4.30pm. I am totally wrecked. My hands are sore, my arms are scratched to hell, I have been lashed in the face but its finished!!!!

This turned into a really long job as the stupid machine kept jamming and stalling and it totally peed me off.

img_1112.jpg img_1113.jpg