It’s Time for a Rant

I am bloody sick of joiners and dogs.

Had the joiner booked in for this weekend to fit my wood floor which is stacked up in the living room, rang him constantly since last Tuesday to confirm he will still be coming and left message after message and not one reply. Why are these people so bloody ignorant, if he decided he didn’t want the job at least have the balls to say so, pathetic, makes me sick!!!!

Dogs, well she’s been no bother recently walking to heal on the lead, all good stuff, but today I leave her in the house for 2 minutes and come back in to find she’s found a cable in my freshly plastered and decorated wall and decided it shouldn’t be in there so She’s pulled it out, great now all the new plaster has cracked off and i have a channel right up my wall, the dog has a very sore arse now and she won’t come out of her basket, Jesus what a weekend.

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