Wood Chipping

Bloody Hell!!!!!

Now that was hard work, I started at 9am and have just finished at 4.30pm. I am totally wrecked. My hands are sore, my arms are scratched to hell, I have been lashed in the face but its finished!!!!

This turned into a really long job as the stupid machine kept jamming and stalling and it totally peed me off.

img_1112.jpg img_1113.jpg

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3 Comments on “Wood Chipping”

  1. Deb Says:

    boys and their tools; tools cannot be blamed for hard jobs, its as easy as pie if you no what ur doing!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work x

  2. Andy Says:

    You should of worn your gloves!

  3. jawd Says:

    Hey, sounds like your lass really gives you a hard time if you don’t get something done! Thought lashing you in the face was a bit severe like but if thats what it takes ….

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